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About Chine Hot Pot Restaurant

Dining at Chine is always an extraordinary hotpot experience. Contemporary Chinese interior with a modern technology touch control induction cooker.

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1930's, fisherman Chine loved to invite his co-workers and friends to join dinner after work. He started using hot chili pepper, daily fresh herbs and vegetables to make a broth in pot, then cook meats and seafood in the pot with all friends together.


Fishermen loved that spicy hot soup base and enjoyed this gathering style cuisine. They suggested Chine to start selling to their family, so the first Chine Hotpot opened. ​


Chine decided to bring his broth base to the next level, enhanced it by using with beef bone, green onion, ginger, star anise, SzeChuan peppercorn and more.

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Private VIP Rooms

Our restaurant is suitable for any kind of gathering. We have private booths that can accommodate 2-4 guests, bigger tables for friends and family gatherings and 3 VIP rooms for Corporate parties or for any celebration that customers prefer to be exclusive that serve up to 24 guests.

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