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New to Hot Pot

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First Step:

Choose Your Soup Base

($ 5.95)


Select your individual pot soup base from Chine 11+ in house fresh broths. From mushroom & veggie broth,chicken &pork broth to SzeChuan spicy (or insanely spicy) beef broth.


Second Step:

Pick Your Ingridients


ChineHotPotJan2019 (40 of 74).jpg

Select the ingredients you want from over 70 options. Alberta AAA beef, New Zealand lamb, Latin South America shrimp, in-house wantons & dumpling, fresh produce and  noodles. Everything you like, as much as you can eat.



Third Step:

Cook to Perfection

Put the ingredients individually in the broth and cook the food to perfection . Many ingredients require different cooking time. For example, 20 seconds for sliced beef, 6 minutes for wantons and dumplings. Enjoy the cooking process and eat the food at the freshest time.

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